I woke up one morning really late for work and I didnt have time to groom myself. I walked into the office feeling down with no confidence. My energy through out the day grew weaker and weaker. I became annoyed by this feeling so I wondered what was the cause?  Leaving the office, I realized the familiarity of it all and found a solution.

A couple of years ago,when I was going through my hardest times, I took absolutely no pride in my personal appearance. I seldomly washed my face in the mornings or took baths for that matter. I didnt want people near me, because they would know how little I cared about myself. So everyday, I walked with my head down and my mouth shut. After a while of suffering, I grew tired of it. ” I need to make a change” I thought. Instinctively the next morning, I got up early and put just a little more effort into my appearance and what a difference that made to my day!!! I smiled at people and they smiled back at me! I talked more clearly and confidently. I made more sales that day. Everything didnt change overnight but this was a great turning point in my life……

Looking back on this day, made me realize how important personal appearance is.It hit me suddenly when I looked back on the good times and the bad. I always took better care of myself when times were going good and my looks were the first thing to go when times were going bad.  My whole energy is different when I spend 5 more minutes looking at the mirror to make myself presentable.

I know what some of you might be thinking …” clothes dont make the person”…. and you would be right, so what is it really?

Its the message.

It  is the messages that we are sending to ourselves. When I am styling my hair, I am saying “I am worthy”. When I am ironing my clothes I am really saying, ” I am on a freaking mission today”. When I wash my face I am saying “ I love you honey”. On the other hand, when I neglect myself  I am saying:

” I dont care about myself”

“It doesnt matter, no cares anyway”

“I am insignificant”‘

Did you notice that all of this is being said before  you walk out the door?

Let that sink in…

Clearly personal appearance is critical! When I decided to change the message I was sending to myself it changed my life. Below are some tips to get you started on your journey.

1. Visualize

Think about the message you want to send to yourself and the world. Think of those people you admire and pull inspiration from them. What I like to do is imagine my ultimate goal - to be a leader in enpowering greatess in others- and how I imagined I’d look when I acheived this goal. Once this picture is made in your mind, meditate on it for a few mins. Bring this picture to the present moment. Imagine yourself today as if you have already reached your goal. What do you look like? How are you dressed?

2. Cleanse

Before you  style yourselves ,remove the crust out of your eyes. Soak away yesterday’s troubles. Brush the potty out of your mouths. On a serious note, as you cleanse your bodies imagine the negative energy going down the drain with the dead skin cells.  The more thought you put into your actions, the more effective it will be.

3. Style

This gets tricky, so keep it simple. Dress according to the message (the positive message)you want to send to the yourself that day.  Don’t go on a crazy shopping spree.Start with what you have and make it work for you .If you must shop, I recommend that you purchase a few  high quality items instead of a lot of  cheap, low quality items.  This way your clothes last longer and they will be super cute.

4.Walk it out

Now you have the mindset, the new woman smell and your fabolous look. It doesn’t stop here. When you walk out the door, put your head up and strut your stuff like you are on the catwalk. Decide today that nothing will get in the way of your shine and that you are worth the extra effort.

Remember that the power doesnt lie in the clothes, but in your thoughts. Your thoughts reflect in your actions. Therefore your appearance reflects your thoughts. If you were confident then you would treat yourself better. Moreover when you put more pride into your appearance, others will start to take notice too. Starting today, do whatever is in your power to show yourself some love. :-)

Hope this helps,


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