Conquer your Daily Battles

Everyday is a new day and with it are new battles to conquer. These battles include dealing with your rude boss, impatient customers, or just plain boredom. Its anything that presents itself as an obstacle to your success and sanity.

Most of us lose so many battles due to lack of preparation. Even worse, we miss out on the opportunities and the beauty of the day for the same reason.

Strap on your helmet, grab your spear and necessary battle gear, we are winning this fight gladiator style!

1. Create your Battle Plan

Show me warriors leaving their territory to fight without a plan (or with a weak plan) and I will show you  dead men walking. Before going the battlefield the following needs to be address first.

  • Purpose- identify the purpose of your battle. Are you working because you love what you do? For the money? When you identify the reasons for what  you are doing for the day it puts more energy behind each action.
  • Strengths- What do you do best. Are you the hardest worker? The nicest dressed? What makes you great at what you do? Use your strength to give you the confidence you need to fight. Find ways to use your strengths to your advantage.
  • Safe Houses-When you are having a bad day, what can you depend on to make you happy? what helps you to relaxed. examples of this are pictures of your family, great articles, or songs.Whatever it is find a way to bring it with you.  I will explain this later.
  • Obstacles- What slows you down the majority of the time. What can you expect to hurt your progress if it were to overcome you. Recognize all of your obstacles and ways you can overcome them.

Armor up

You have you plan together, so now it is time to armor up. Essentially do whatever gets you in the mood to work your best for the day. Is it music? affirmation? a cup of tea?  Here are more examples or our armor in these days.

  • Meditation- is an mental armor you put on to protect yourself from negative energy. This will clear your mind so that you can be more effective for the day.
  • Clothing- think about the clothes that are most effective for what you are doing. For example, I am in sales, dressing sharp helps me to feel more confident while making those calls. Wear whatever helps you to stay confident!
  • Food- Have you ever forgotten to bring your lunch to work?  If so, was it hard to stay focused that day? Don’t ever fight on an empty stomach or you wont last very long in the battle.




The battle has begun. Give all you got. Remember your strengths and use them well. Overcome your obstacle as you fight with a definite purpose-to win.

Safe Houses

No battle is won without the scars to show for it. If you are going to fight you must create protected environments. Think about things  you wrote down in the battle plan about your retreats and use them.  I like tea, when I need a moment to refresh, I step outside and drink some tea.  When you feel refreshed go back to work and continue to fight. Remember this is during the battle so take short breaks. The real relaxation happens at home.

Win? or Temporary Defeat?

When your fight is over its time to reflect. Did you win or lose today’s battle and why?

If you won, its time to celebrate and think of all the reasons you won the battle.

If you  temporarily lost, its time to celebrate and think of all the reasons you lost.

Notice the word temporarily .. you have only truly lost when you stopped the fight for what you want. This is not the time to sulk and wallow for your lost. It doesnt take a lot of “brain power” to whine and complain so dont waste your precious time on this! Instead, take true reflection in the day and use this when creating tomorrow’s battle plan. The more you do this the better you will fight each battle. Eventually you will be unstoppable!

Armor OFF

Now you are at home and you have completed your daily task. Take off your armor. Meaning take your focus off of  any version of work you may have. Focus on  feeling good and relaxed. Talk with your friends. Watch some tv (but not too much). Eat some ice cream! Take a wonderful bath! Love on yourself so good that each night you personally look forward to ending each battle by coming home to you. 

Get some rest… you will need it for tomorrow…

Warriors you have learned well. Now get up and fight!


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